About Cracow Eye

The 50-meter Cracow Eye Observation Wheel, which currently stands in Cracow on the Wołyński boulevard (at the former Forum Hotel), quickly gained the status of a recognized attraction. Following the example of many European cities, our Observation Wheel has become an integral part of the tourist offer, because it guarantees the best view of Wawel and a beautiful panorama of the city.

Our huge Ferris Wheel is liked by both the inhabitants and countless guests from many different parts of the world who visit Krakow at any time of the year. The Observation Wheel provides the perfect combination of a thrill with the opportunity to admire the charms of Cracow.

The mill is a must for every visitor to Cracow. Our huge Observation Wheel gives you the opportunity to take a last look at Wawel, the Old Town, or even the Kościuszko Mound from a completely different perspective. In perfect weather, you can even see the Tatra Mountains! The Ferris Wheel guarantees unforgettable experiences and views both during the day and after sunset, just like the famous London Eye Ferris wheel in the capital of England.

Cracow Eye w liczbach
Gondolas: 34+2VIP
Number of seats: 216
Transportation: 14 semitrailers
Construction time: 7 days
Power consumption: 160 A
Cracow Eye – wymiary
Height: 50m
Długość podstawy: 25m
Szerokość podstawy: 17m



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